Where to Start with Young Living

Premium Starter Kit with Raindrop


1) Attend a 101 Essential Oils Class to learn more about the oils or learn about the different products offered by scrolling to the top of the YOUNG LIVING website and clicking on the Products Tab. (optional)

2) If you are ready to order, your next step is to choose a membership type (retail or wholesale member):


Wholesale vs Retail

Wholesale members are not required to sell...and therefore, do not need to include social security number to obtain a membership. Aside from receiving a 24% discount on products, members can earn free products. Plus, they can earn additional rewards and free products when you participate in Young Living's Essential Rewards program. (Note: Spending $50 within a year will keep your wholesale account active, but you are not required to spend any additional money. Account will just become inactive after a year if you have not spent $50 within a years time.)

In a nutshell, the Essential Rewards allows you to earn products for free depending on the amount you spend. Plus, you get money back each month to spend on additional free items. If you are able to spend a minimum of $50 a month then you will start earning money back to use towards more stuff! The first three months you earn 10% back...then, you jump to 20% (after a couple of years you jump to 25%). In addition, every three months you get an extra loyalty oil (month three is Peppermint Vitality). You can change your order each month to get things you need and you can change the processing date. It's a win win!!!

3) The sponsor/enroller number should already be included, but if it asks for a number you will need to enter # 11014970 in both places before moving on to the next page.

4) Pick a user name, password, a 4-digit pin (write it down--you'll need it to log in!)

5) If you decide to become a wholesale member you will need to choose a starter kit, which ranges from the Basic Kit ($45) to various Premium Starter Kits (depending on your need). Click on the following link to choose membership type and if choosing wholesale member then click on the tabs to see the starter kit options. I started with the Premium Starter Kit with the Raindrop Diffuser, but many like the Dewdrop Diffuser...or others choose to focus on the Thieves or NingXia Red Starter Kit. It's your choice!

Sign Up Button

6) Choose whether or not you would like to be an Essential Rewards Member. You'll have the oils you choose shipped to your door every month! It's worth every penny!!! Shipping is cheaper, and you qualify for bonus oils if you spend 190, 250, or 300 PV. You also get 10% back in free oils (no matter what you spend) for the first 3 months, 20% back after 4 months, and 25% back after 25 months. You must spend 50 PV each month to maintain Essential Rewards. You can change the date your order ships each month, and you pick the oils you want. (Young Living has also provided a video walking you through the process: How to Sign-Up with Essential Rewards.)

7) Select "continue shopping" if you'd like to add other items to your cart. I recommend the Thieves cleaner for $22--it's concentrated; you get 29 spray bottles out of it! That's 76 cents a bottle for organic cleaner!

To learn more about your oils, log into your virtual office at youngliving.com, "sign in" and check out the short videos on the "Getting Started" tab. Welcome to Young Living!  

Please feel free to CONTACT ME if you have any questions and I can walk you through the process.