About Shellby

My name is Shellby Winget and I am a wife, mother of two boys (a ten and fifteen-year-old), formerly a Speech-Language Pathologist turned certified Personal Trainer, Health Coach, and Group Fitness Instructor...and working on becoming a Yogi! I enjoy being active and strive to be healthy in all aspects of my life.  Over the years, I have learned a lot about nutrition and exercise and it has helped to transform my life.  I was not taught to eat healthy when I was younger and exercise was not a high priority.  So, I spent years trying to figure out "the secret" to staying thin. Fortunately, I discovered the "secret," which is not really a secret, and have learned to feel comfortable in my own skin. Being healthy and fit requires a good balance of both exercise and eating healthy. 

My Story

In 2002, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and at the time they didn't really know what caused the type of cancer I had (follicular cell), but it was believed to be linked to pesticides. So,that is essentially where my journey to toxic-free living began. I had already made a switch to eating a lot of organic foods...just because I knew they were better for you. However, when you receive a diagnosis like this you really start taking things more seriously. 

I have had up and downs on this journey without a thyroid, but I have learned tons!!! I did okay for a few years after having my thyroid removed, but I had many days were I felt drained and needed naps every day just to make it through. We would go on vacation and I would have to tell my family to go enjoy the afternoon (while I went in to take a nap). I also struggled with gaining weight even when I was doing everything right. It wasn't until I started having nerve issues that I began to really dig deep and do more research on everything thyroid. Through my research, I learned about T3 being your active thyroid hormone, and that not everyone can convert T4 into T3. At that time, I was on a T4 only medicine and my T4 levels and TSH were within normal limits, but I still felt miserable. I learned more about natural thyroid medicines and after much prayer and investigation, I decided to give it a try. Let me just say that it changed my world!!! Going from feeling tired and drained every day, having nerve issues, among all the other hypothyroid symptoms to  being able to enjoy life (and vacation) with my family ~ priceless!

Okay, so on with the rest of my story! I had gone mostly organic with all of our food, but I hadn't really thought about the personal care products that I was using...or even cleaning products. However, the more I researched thyroid issues, the more I learned about endocrine disruptors and toxins that throw off our systems. So, I decided to start making a switch to toxic-free products to help eliminate any extra toxins going into my system and messing things up. When you finally reach a place where you feel good, you do everything you can to stay there!

So, my hope and prayer is that others will find the answers and help they seek and I hope my personal journey will show others that there is hope. If you suffer from thyroid disease or are without a thyroid like me, I would like to encourage you to be your own advocate and fight for the best care possible because YOU matter!