Hypothyroidism & Poor Circulation

August 6, 2015 / Thyroid Health / Source: Health

EXERCISEDaily exercise is recommended for most individuals; however, for those with hypothyroidism exercise is essential for both metabolism and circulation.  In fact, circulation is typically decreased in people with hypothyroidism and it's highly recommended that we take proactive measures to prevent poor leg circulation.  

Since our thyroid levels may not always be adequately controlled by our thyroid medications the most important thing we can do to improve our leg circulation is EXERCISE. The online article, Hypothyroidism May Be A Culprit Behind Circulation Problems states, "With healthy amounts of cardiovascular exercise, the muscles of the lower extremities are engaged and can act as a secondary pump for blood that is already facing an uphill battle in order to get back up to the heart."  In fact, the following research study, Exercise Intensity and Its Effects on Thyroid Hormones, concluded that maximal aerobic exercise significantly affects the level of circulating thyroid hormone.

Lastly, speaking from personal experience, I can attest that exercise DOES make a difference with circulation.  Over three years ago, before I began my journey with Beachbody, I started suffering from some circulation/nerve issues...which I later discovered was due to hypothyroidism.  I had a myriad of symptoms when it first started, but one thing that I noticed was that even though my feet couldn't stand to be in closed shoes (like athletic shoes) most of the time, my feet were fine when I was working out.  Well, over time I had many incidences that all seemed to stem back to my circulation. I honestly wish I had read the article I mentioned above (Hypothyroidism May Be A Culprit Behind Circulation Problems) several years ago because everything would have been more clear regarding some of my symptoms.

So, in light of the above information, if you are (or believe you are) suffering from hypothyroidism, I would encourage you to including exercise into your daily routine.  Plus, I agree with the recommendation of adding foods such as antioxidants and flavonoids to our diets as they are also thought to be beneficial for circulatory health.  It's amazing how many beneficial effects that a healthy diet and exercise can have on our well-being.  We just need to become familiar with the messages that our bodies our sending us...and then take action.