Overcoming Builds Confidence and Strength

November 18, 2013 / Health & Fitness / Source: Health & Fitness

Strength & OvercomingI recently heard someone say, "there is no quality as attractive as confidence…and confidence comes from overcoming."  So, it really made me think about everything that comes from overcoming something that we once thought was too difficult.  In fact, my original post for today was about the definition of STRENGTH.  Strength doesn’t come from what we CAN do, it comes from OVERCOMING the things we once thought we couldn’t.  Therefore, I realized that overcoming is such a huge part of our personal and physical development. 

If you have recently started a new workout program you might have discovered that certain moves or exercises might be difficult for you.  If so, before you are tempted to quit remember that this is normal and that if you are going to grow you need to challenge yourself to do things outside of your comfort zone.  Consequently, I want to encourage you to embrace these difficult moves because it is through these difficult moves/exercises that you are going to grow stronger and build confidence.  Overcoming not only helps you to become stronger physically, but it also helps you to gain mental strength to help you be more confident.  So, don’t worry if you can’t do something right away, just look at it as an opportunity to grow. 

Lastly, if you commit and don’t give up when a workout (or even life) seems hard, then you will wake up one day and realize that you are now able to do what you once thought was too difficult.  Then, this new confidence will help you to keep pushing and doing more things that will push your limits…and you will become stronger (mentally and physically) than you ever imagined was possible.  So, go for it!  Don’t think about what you can’t do, think about how strong you can be if you don’t give up.  You CAN do it!