What is the Biggest Cause for Weight Gain?

September 17, 2013 / Health & Fitness / Source: Health & Fitness

Weight Gain Pic (Weight Gain Pic)Do you struggle with maintaining a healthy weight, or feel like you are doing everything right with eating and working out, but the scales never seem to budge (and sometimes might go the opposite direction)?  If so, you are NOT alone!  In fact, I was right there with you a couple of years ago.  Fortunately, with the knowledge that I have gained over the past several years regarding nutrition and thyroid health, I have found my happy place…and YOU can too!

So, what IS the biggest cause of weight gain?  In truth, there are many factors that can cause you to gain weight (e.g., stress, lack of sleep, environmental toxins, eating too much or too little).  However, these factors all seem to be affected by one main thing…our hormones!  Unfortunately, as the related article explains, our hormones are regulated by our endocrine system, and our endocrine system plays a HUGE role in our bodily functions.  In fact, our endocrine system affects almost every cell, organ, and function in our bodies.

I have become very familiar with the endocrine systems over the last several years since having my thyroid removed due to thyroid cancer, so I can definitely attest to the fact that our endocrine system plays a significant role in our weight management.  However, the biggest issue seems to be related to the hormone cortisol, otherwise known as the “stress hormone” (Fight vs. Flight).   Cortisol is normally released throughout the day in a specific rhythm; however, different stressors such as insomnia can cause cortisol levels to increase and throw off the normal rhythm.  Consequently, when this natural rhythm is thrown off it causes negative reactions in our bodies that lead to weight gain (e.g, eating foods high in sugar and fat).

Therefore, despite the fact that we need to pay attention to our bodies and keep an eye out for any potential problems with our thyroid, there are other ways that we can actively fight against weight gain.  I think the biggest key, as you will see in the related article, is to RELAX and get appropriate sleep/rest!  In addition, taking time out to exercise, meditate, and laugh are all great ways to help combat stress and reduce cortisol levels.  So, in a nutshell…don’t worry and be happy! :)

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