The 8-Week Transition Diet

No Junk Food (No Junk Food)Steve Edwards from Beachbody has designed an eight-week transition schedule to help people who are struggling with eating healthier.  It allows you to gradually eliminate (or add) items from your current diet.  Two things that are consistent throughout the plan is NO JUNK FOOD and CHEAT (or Reward) DAYS.  The first two weeks allow for two cheat days, but week three and beyond goes down to one…with the terminology “cheat” being exchanged for “reward” within the final two weeks. 

Week 1 – No Junk

  • Focus:  Drink more water. (Suggested amount = a gallon)

Week 2 – Eat frequent small meals/snacks (Every 2-3 hours)

  • Focus:  Carbs are not the enemy, but you need to choose wisely – whole grains, fruits and vegetables; avoid white rice/flours

Week 3 – Eat colorful, low-density foods at every meal/snack (veggies are a good choice)

  • Focus:  Eat protein at every meal/snack.

Week 4 – Cook at home

  • Focus:  Fat is essential.  Healthy fats (natural sources) = fish, nuts/seeds, avocados, olive, etc.

Week 5 – Decrease starchy carbohydrates (bread, rice, corn, potatoes, beans, and other legumes)

  • Focus:  Sugar is only beneficial after a hard workout or during a long one.
    • Your body doesn’t need processed sugar.
    • Best time to indulge (if needed) is the one-hour period after your workout.

Week 6 – Avoid man-made/processed food & eat only whole foods

  • Focus:  Nuts and seeds are great snacks.

Week 7 – Be yourself (No rules…attempt to eat as healthy as you can.)

  • Focus:  If you have trouble sleeping because you are so hungry, try a protein shake.

Week 8 – Eat a perfect diet

  • Focus:  Don’t bonk (run out of blood sugar and glycogen for energy).

For more information, please see the entire plan with the specific details by clicking on this link: